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As a non-governmental organization (NGO), LIWOCARE is propelled and guided by the following objectives:
1. To minister, provide care, nurture and rehabilitate all those who are in physical, material, mental and spiritual needs; the poor, the depraved, the abandoned, prisoners, the oppressed, the distressed, the homeless and the dejected.
2. To protect and defend the right of the child, the helpless, the oppressed, and all those whose rights have been denied or are being denied.
3. To establish and build maternity homes, orphanage, and homes for the mentally, physically and spiritually retarded.
4. To rehabilitate undirected women and single mothers.
5. To bring peace and succor to broken homes and families.
6. To provide gainful employment for the unemployed.
7. To provide a good atmosphere for love, peace and good neighbourliness where these are lacking.
8. To provide counseling services, organize workshops and seminars aimed at uplifting the condition and environment of the average child, men and women in the society.
9. To liaise with prison authorities, legal departments, hospitals, remand homes and orphanage with a view to assisting the inmates.


In pursuit of these objectives, LIWOCARE has been engaged in the following activities: free medical outreaches, care for widows, payment of school fees of indigent students, contribution to orphanages, feeding of street beggars, skill acquisition\rehabilitation programmes, payment of hospital bills for indigent people, support of the deaf, dumb and blind, counselling and so on.

In the year 2003 alone LIWOCARE had seven free medical outreaches in Imo and Abia States of Nigeria attending to well over three thousand patients at a modest cost of one million naira. Some widows were sponsored to start a small-scale business at the cost of thirty thousand naira.

In the month of December 2003, several food items, clothing’s, shoes, and many other gift items were shared among one hundred and fifty widows. Food programmes, medical treatments, bi weekly prison outreach, feeding of the poor and homeless are ongoing activities of LIWOCARE.

Periodically, LIWOCARE makes meals packages them and travels to nooks and crannies of neighbouring towns and beyond, seeing out extended hands of increasing beggars on the streets. Every now and then, LIWOCARE reaches out to orphans with food items. LIWOCARE picks up ex-convicts and social mothers and equips them at considerable expense to become computer operators, hairdressers and seamstresses, wood workers and so on. This is the skill acquisition and rehabilitation programme of LIWOCARE LIWOCARE has paid hospital bills for indigent people who had tuberculosis, stroke, diabetes, mental disorder, and so on. Over three thousand persons receive counselling on marital, economic, emotional, spiritual and medical related issues and positive results abound.

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